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Theories How Reflexology Works
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1. AS A PLACEBO– The power of suggestion is the primary factor; so psychologically, it is believed that Reflexology acts as a placebo.

2. LYMPHATIC – The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and functions as a filter. It removes toxic &/or malignant elements from the body.  Therefore, it is suspected that Reflexology enhances the lymphatic system’s function and, in return, restores proper chemical balance in the body.

3. BIO-ELECTRIC POTENTIAL – When bio-electrical energy becomes blocked or congested, it creates a corresponding malfunction in another body areas. The application of Reflexology touch techniques “breaks-up“ congestion, and remedies the lack in energy flow, and enables the bio-electrical energy to flow again.

4. CH'I ENERGY – Like acupuncture and shiatsu it is believed that reflexology works similarly: stimulating the flow of Ch'i energy (a/k/a/ "life force") along the body’s meridians bringing it back into energetic balance. Ch'i is the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things.  In traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health.

5. COUNTER IRRITATION – As in homeopathic remedies, the human body repairs more rapidly when it receives an “insult” to its equilibrium.  Reflexology provides that insult.

6. NERVE PATHWAYS / NERVE ENDINGS / CHEMICAL DEPOSITS – It is believed that when nerve pathways are unable to transmit impulses, it is because of chemical deposits that build up around nerve endings which blocks the impulses from traveling the pathways. Stimulating nerve endings in the hands, ears, and feet, helps clear that blockage. In addition, those chemical deposits impede the "grounding connection" the feet naturally have with the earth. Reflexology is believed to clear those residual deposits.

7. PROPRIOCEPTION – A Reflexology session, using thumb & finger pressure techniques to specific areas in the hands, ears, and feet, stimulates muscles, and re-angulates joints, thereby sending “false reports” of position and sensation to the brain. The brain then responds with "message signals" to reposition the body which results in the relaxation of the muscles, tissue, & nerves.  This promotes natural healing.

Reflexology is not a fully proven science (but what is?).  [[Even physicians, though they may identify symptoms, do not always know All of the causal factors for each physical problem which often includes the coalescence of thoughts, actions, events, dietary habits, and resulting stress (physical, emotional, and spiritual); nor do they have "time" to ask, and oft are not interested in knowing.]]  So as with any Art or Science, Reflexology theories are based upon observation, speculation, results, and "signs following."  Ulimately, we each - individually - must take time to feel into and review all circumstances which touch upon our lives - emotional as well as physical.  Our bodies hold kinetic memory, and so any trauma -- be it from a slap in the face as a child, falling off a bicycle, a personal heart-break, or emotional attack -- those momentary "cringes" are held within the body's tissues, organs, and bones.  Hence, therapeutic touch by a qualified Reflexologist not only stimulates the associative trigger points, but also should provide a safe and loving touch which enable the body to relax, identify and eventually "let go" of painful memories, which allows the body to heal itself.  And so, currently, evidence is mounting with regard to Reflexology's effect on the body (especially when integrating hand, ear, & foot reflex points).  Over time, practitioners learn to intuitively gain greater insights by feeling through their finger tips, and FeelSeeing then balancing the energetic disturbances, which indeed becomes somewhat miraculous at times.  This hands-on practice, and communication with their client regarding their "findings" enables Reflexologists to better target their client’s needs.  Recipients benefit through this experience; that is, regular sessions reduces the exponential build-up of stress and consequently they experience a better sense of well being.                                                                          

CLICK HERE: Theories of How Reflexology Works, Universal College of Reflexology

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Take a close look at this reflexology map and study it for a few moments.  Then compare the areas as they are labled and Feel-IN-to how your body feels -- generally, or in a particular body region. For example, do you seem to suffer from cronic neck pain?  Now, look at your toes.  Are any of your toes crooked, or do you have a big bunyon on the side of either of your 1st metatarsal bones (i.e. on the inside of your foot next to your big toe / or on the outside of your foot near your little toe)?  If the answer is yes, then you've just discovered a corresponding and possibly an additional reason why your neck and shoulders may be bothering you.  Then think about any other trouble areas either on your feet / or in your body.  Touch your feet in that corresponding area.  Do you feel sensitivity?  Well, now you've had a small taste of what Reflexology is about.  

The word "reflex" means: "an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus." When a Reflexologist works your hands, ears, and feet, they are stimulating nerves that reflect back to those corresponding regions in your body, thus relieving stress along the nerve pathways.  Reducing stress is one of the keys to enable the body to relax, which in turn promotes natural healing.  

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