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At FootsmArts Reflexology, we believe that a healthy lifestyle is maintained in a combination of ways:  1. Eating a well balanced diet and taking vitamin supplements;  2. Having an exercise program suitable for your body type and personal ableness;  3. Choosing a "higher path" of thinking (Moral mindset) for your self and Following it;  4. Love thy neighbor;  5. Take personal responsibility, minimize your worldly indulgences (you know what they are), and time-waste activities, and ween yourself off foods and habits that are taking years off your lifespan;  6. Practice breaking decadent habit patterns (smoking, drinking, drugs, binges, etc.) and even negative thought patterns, etc. and replace them with beneficial habits; 7. Scrutinize your weaknesses -- all of them (write a list of everything everyone has pointed out to you that "pushed your buttons" -- physical, mental, moral, and spiritual -- and think deeply about them, and find alternative ways of thinking, or behaving, to promote better methods to accomplish what you need to do (or have happen); 8. Stop procrastinating (whatever....); 9. Practice patience. Stop reacting, slow down, and find a way how to take methodical Action regarding any problem that arises.  

Believe it or not, all these things can result in curbing stress factors that release the wrong kinds of chemicals and hormones into the blood stream.  Hence, the need for medication(s) and medical treatment are likely to be reduced.  The quality of ones life should out weigh the quantity of years one lives.  We all have the option to CHOOSE a healthier life style. As a Master Sage once told me: Choice is choice, and all IS the consequence of those choices.  So, my friends, choose Wisely!  Granted, using wisdom is not "fun" -- however the internal joy derived by living humbly FAR outweighs the excessive waste being promoted by today's societal standards.  

Part of living healthy involves self education, and the desire to conscientiously monitor all that one thinks and all that one does, or acts upon (or does not act upon). Learning to take personal responsibility for each and every thought and action is the ultimate freedom.  That is, the freedom from being controlled by those self indulgent pleasure impulses. 

It seems so often that we find ourselves complaining about other's baser behavior patterns.  Yet, can we say we have mastered ours?  It seems apparent, then, that the ultimate goal for everyone is to gain mastery over one's weaknesses.  Such is the most important reason for "being here" on this planet.  The ultimate goal is Self Mastery and developing Moral character.  Think about how olympic atheletes face each day.  Even the tiniest increment of progress counts!  Everyone's mind has the capacity to engage-in and engender that level of focus, that level of fitness.  Again, it is about choosing to do it. The process of betterment is priceless -- even if one never fully attains their idea of what is perfection. It is all about the journey.  So don't ever give up!! 

On this page we will be offering some products and ideas that might provide some assistance in your personal sojourn and spiritual ongoing.  Waking up to that ageless Conscious Self that is within everyone, (i.e. not your personal /intellectual self) is the only thing worth living for and following. 



New Health Through Colon Rejuvenation.  Nearly any disease can be due to a toxic colon.  Robert Gray is a nutrition counselor and author of a variety of articles.  In this book, he answers questions surrounding the subject of colon health in an easy to understand style.

$8.50 plus $3.00 shipping and handling.  Mail your check to the address below.




When you consider that shoes are supposed to support and protect our feet, it is ironic that improperly fitting shoes can not only cause foot problems, but some shoes can reflect distress signals back to particular body regions.  Even those minor foot discomforts can eventually trigger dis-ease to other parts of the body.  

When you consider your overall health, be carefull that your shoes aren't making you sick.  Compare your foot ailments with the reflex regions on the chart and see if any of those pains correspond.

Reflexology helps relieve those stresses. 


Even walks and non-strenuous hikes, while wearing supportive and comfortable footwear, can assist one towards attaining even a minimal level of fitness.  Any form of body movement is a small key towards overall fitness.   



Found hidden, deep in the Himalayan Mountains, is a limitless resource for Oceanic salts which were trapped during the turbulent times of Earth's formation.  Because of the time when this salt was created, it contains approximately 84 known minerals -- over 30 more minerals than contained in today's sea salt.  These salt mines are government owned and such resources are being made available to the public and world markets.  

There is a variety of ways to use these salts:  Obtaining the large chunks to make a salt brine (to consume by the tablespoon full on a daily basis) or use in cooking; small pebble-size grind (i.e. lesser than food-grade quality) to use as bath salts; and the fine grind to use as your primary table salt.  You can also obtain candle holders, or electric lamps made of this salt which emit negative ions into the atmosphere which has beneficial health effects.

Another way to receive even greater benefit from this ancient old salt is to re-charge it by letting it sit in full sunlight for just 17 minutes prior to using it.  Remember, this salt has been underground for millennia and hasn't seen the light of day for a long time.  The potent rays of the sun cab assist to restore and "bring back to life" its inherent powers.

I am making this salt available to you at a reasonable cost as follows:


1 lb. of Himalayan Salt Chunks for $13.00

1/2 lb. for $7.00

1 lb. of Himalayan Table Salt (fine grind) at $16.00

1/2 lb. for $10.00


1 lb. Himalayan Bath Salts for $10.00

1/2 lb. for $6.50


Candle holders (holds 1 tea candle) for $15.00/ea.


PLUS: $8.50 shipping & handling (up to 1 lb.)



(Photos of Products coming soon)








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